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Formed from both Nagano and Niigata prefectures,It is a beautiful satoyama with the natural blessings of snow and spring water gushing out from the foot of Mt. Naeba. Villages are scattered along the Nakatsugawa Valley, which is surrounded by 2,000m high mountains and rock walls.Chosen as one of the Heike legends and unexplored regions of Japan.It is also an area where nature remains very strong.

There used to be a village in this area that was abandoned due to a food famine in the 1700s. In order to survive the heavy snowfall, there was a rich foraging lifestyle and a food culture based on wisdom and techniques for preserving wild vegetables, fish, mushrooms, and wild meat. However, due to environmental changes and unseasonable weather, crops could not be harvested, making it impossible to rely on the blessings of nature for several years, resulting in food shortages.

What was the psychology behind the lack of food just before the winter? Why not go on a food journey through abandoned villages and get a glimpse of the perseverance of the people living in Akiyamago, the Japanese spirit, and the richness of nature?

​ Modernity through “waste”Delivering important messages to usProbably.

-Tour schedule-


event date


➁ day trip


Meeting place/departure/arrival

Echigo Yuzawa Station, Niigata Prefecture or Iiyama Station, Nagano Prefecture


① 1 adult 36,000 yen ~ (tax included) <1night2Day

➁1 adult 13,000 yen~ (tax included) <Day trip>

hotel<1 night and 2 days only>

AkiyamaHomestays and inns in the village, inns in Tsunan town, etc. upon request.

Where to book your tour·operation

Morimiya Kotsu Co., Ltd. Nagano Prefecture Governor Registration No. 2-396

Sustainable Tourism Akiyamago Executive Committee


HAPPY COMPANY Travel Manager/

Day1  <1night2Day>

◆Echigoyuzawa Station, Niigata Prefecture


Please arrive before the designated time. Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to Akiyamago.

Enjoy your bus journey while eating the snacks provided.


​◆Akiyamago Old Amazake Village (Abandoned Village)


10 minutes walk after getting off the car.

There were two houses at that time, but the village was abandoned due to the Tenpo famine.

Chestnut trees are prominent in the surrounding area, and it is thought that they were grown to secure food at the time.













◆Ethnic materials room “Tonenbo”

This is a museum that exhibits the life of Akiyamago. It also serves as a post office and Sakae Village Branch.

You can learn about the Matagi culture, which is said to have come from Akita, the circulation of slash-and-burn cultivation, and foods such as horse chestnuts, so you can learn about the culture of Akiyama.













◆Akiyamago preserved private house

5 minutes walk from the ethnic resource room "Tonenbo". This is a private house with a thatched roof that was built about 230 years ago, giving you a glimpse of life in Akiyamago during the late Edo period.Agricultural equipment and famine materials from the time are on display, allowing you to get a feel for the background of life.










This is a guesthouse run by the owner of Matagi or a nearby inn.

​It has been spun as a place of heavy snowfall and unexplored regions.Enjoy the local cuisine of Akiyamago.
*The accommodation will be divided into branch lodgings in the surrounding area. We all enjoy dinner together.




​◆Hot spring hours


We will shuttle you by car to the nearby Koakazawa Onsen Rakuyokan.

Enjoy the reddish-brown hot springs, which are rich in iron.

*There is an additional charge, so if you wish to take a bath, please bring 600 yen.

Koakazawa Onsen Rakuyokan
Rakuyokan exterior

Day2  <1night2Day>

◆Departure from accommodation facility



◆Tenchi/Fuyan scenic spot walk


You can enjoy the view of Mt. Torikabutoyama, which boasts an altitude of 2,036m, and a small pond called Amaike.​When the weather is clear, the mountains are reflected on the water, creating a fantastic sight. It is also a photo spot for photographers.













◆Old Oakiyama Village (abandoned village)

Park your car and walk for 15 minutes. Let's take a walk and feel the atmosphere in the forest. Old Oakiyama is a village that was abandoned due to the Tenmei famine. The name Oakiyama is said to be the root of the name Akiyamago.Eight houses are said to have disappeared here.













◆Food of Akiyamago

Enjoy seasonal food, from spring wild vegetable dishes to deep mountain autumn mushroom dishes.












Planning cooperation: Nagano Prefecture Hokushin Regional Promotion Bureau

     Niigata Prefecture Tokamachi Regional Promotion Bureau


Sponsored by: Sakae Village Akiyamago Tourism Association Sakae Village, Nagano PrefectureAkiyama-go Regional Development Council Snow Country Tourism Zone Tsunan Town Tourism Association Naeba Foothills Geopark Promotion Council


Advisor: H3 Food Design

​Planning: HAPPY COMPANY Co., Ltd.

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​This project utilizes the 2022 "Nagano Prefecture Local Energy Development Support Fund".

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